All's Fair in Love and Business: Xavier's Story

All's Fair in Love and Business: Xavier's Story

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Kylee K. Yount By kylekay Updated a day ago

Spinoff of Loving Blackmail. This is Xavier's story. If you haven't read Loving Blackmail, I suggest you do before reading this story. The characters and their relationships will make more sense.

Xavier Sterling, CEO of Sterling Corp. is faced with his past. What happens when he finds out what he thought happened was wrong and he was the only one to blame? Lost Love, Lies, deception and the truth...should be interesting. 


DanielJ4 DanielJ4 Apr 03, 2016
Let me just say, OH, MY, GOD!!!!!!!!!! I'm just seeing this book! Absolutely LOVED "Loving Blackmail" Can't wait to read more on Xavier!!!!!! YAY!!!!
abnormalbeauty4life abnormalbeauty4life Jul 30, 2016
I just realized that this is the sequel to Loving Blackmail....
sweetpeach242 sweetpeach242 May 25, 2016
To be honest I don't think she cheated. She probably was raped by his brother knowing how Pas is
AnnLouiseCandice AnnLouiseCandice Oct 07, 2016
loved it jus like the first one so glad you did one about xavier :)
alounatic alounatic Jan 20, 2016
What?! I didn't know you published this until now omg, and it has been here since last year! I'm so excited to read this even tho it only has two chapters bc Xavierrrr
BriRol BriRol Oct 04, 2015
poor X and his bleeding heart I hope he lets her go and finds some one as equally wonder full or more like his best friend