The Bachelor's Bachelorette.

The Bachelor's Bachelorette.

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SteamySpicyKiss By SteamySpicyKiss Updated May 19, 2017

Sneak Peek:

He's watching me with a gaze so intense I feel it burning me and yet I can't help but feel all consuming lust just seeing him like this.

With a smirk on his deliciously swollen lips, he kisses, bites, sucks and licks a path down my sensitive lips, to my chest.

Dear god in heaven! I've never had such an orgasmic foreplay before and I've certainly never lost so much of my control either.

But with Adrian, every touch burns in a way that makes me want more. Ever kiss feels like a fire that I'd rather burn in than have it end. Every caress feels like a thousand sparks going off in me and I'm addicted to it.

Even to this frustrating foreplay, and yet I know it's nothing more than lust but it feels different in a way I can't explain. Can't imagine or figure out!

But right now, I don't want to. All I want to do in this moment is devour this sexy piece of ass. 

And I will.
Adrian Knight. 
He's the ultimate bachelor, billionaire, playboy extraordinaire and CEO and owner of his company. He's got the drool worthy looks, the sexy charm, the fame, the game and more girls lined up than he cares to count, but all he craves is a challenge. 

Celeste Errickson. 
She's the ultimate bachelorette, billionaire, (not less of a player herself) CEO and owner of her company. She's got the seduction, the charm, the guys and a life everyone envies her for.
Both of them at the top of their games and both at par with each other in every aspect. 

But SHE has a past and HE is curious.

What happens when both their worlds collide? Join them in their journey full of laughter, seduction, secrets, sexiness and maybe even love. 

Read on.

This book is MY COPYRIGHT.
All parts of this story are EXCLUSIVELY mine.
All the characters are fictional and have nothing to do with anyone else.
Nothing from this book is to be replicated anywhere else.

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chubaramell chubaramell May 28, 2015
this is a great book, I keep the backsound to play all along, and you make me cry from the start :'(
SteamySpicyKiss SteamySpicyKiss May 03, 2015
Okay, after your comment @_booksbooksbooks_ I so definitely am! Thank you so much for saying that! It acts as a confidence boost everytime I read comments like tht!  Thank you!!
_booksbooksbooks_ _booksbooksbooks_ May 03, 2015
Sigh, this is my second time reading this; such a good book, you should be proud
SteamySpicyKiss SteamySpicyKiss Feb 25, 2015
I can't say I'm sorry about that @spoonsarelife!! but I do hope you'll keep reading...!! :-D
SteamySpicyKiss SteamySpicyKiss Nov 05, 2014
He is important for sure but you gotta wait to know just how much @MelBR19!
                              Stay tuned.... :-D ;-)
MelBR19 MelBR19 Nov 04, 2014
Wow that prologue is crude but in a good way. Who was he? I can't wait to find out whose he