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If You Only Knew

If You Only Knew

38.4K Reads 849 Votes 12 Part Story
Brandy By branflakes94 Updated May 12, 2012

Brandy has been friends with Blake for most of her life and even after incidents in school that leave most people wanting nothing to do with him, she finds herself still falling for him. Now they are in High School and on the swim team together and Brandy feels even more drawn to Blake than before, along with half of the girls in the school. One day at swim practice, Blake has a debilitating accident and won’t be able to swim for a while. This brings the two of them together again, in more ways than just friendship.

MayEsdot MayEsdot Nov 17, 2014
I was just wondering if you were a swimmer-I've swam for ten years and slouching and curved shoulders is far more common (we have very strong backs and shoulders vs pecs so it is far more comfortable). But everyone is different *shrug*. You have a very strong beginning to your story. Voted.
DioneJergo DioneJergo Dec 16, 2012
I like this story. But I was just wondering if it's over, or still going.
branflakes94 branflakes94 Jun 21, 2012
@unicorn_love121 Thank you for your comment. But it takes awhile and lot of promotion of the story.
Paradoxx Paradoxx Mar 11, 2012
You have major description skills ! I however .... well I suck xD. The way you descibe Brandy  and her connection/history with him was written fairly good :) Vote-
Wiccan_Witch Wiccan_Witch Feb 02, 2012
Okay, remember that your paragraphs are only supposed to be 2-3 sentences, it makes it more punctuated. With describing 'Blake Wolfe' we don't need to know his EXACT height, if you wanted to make an impression on height you could say 'around six foot'. Your ideas seem pretty good, well done :)
Angel_Eyes24 Angel_Eyes24 Jul 26, 2011
It's okay, not my type if story it seems-Dare I say cliched?-not that there's anything wrong with that. It's how you serve your story, and you serve it pretty well :)