Twisted //disney. dreamworks//

Twisted //disney. dreamworks//

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Every ❝Once upon a Time❞ always ends with ❝And they lived Happily ever after.❞ but not all stories end like that. What if they didn't get it on time? What if someone told you the truth? What if the Prince didn't come? What if the ending is still the beginning? What if Prince married other Princesses? What if they lived morosely? What if the villain won? Every question you've been asking will be answered.

Disclaimer- All Characters belong to Disney and Dreamworks. I found the cover on the internet and I edited it. Hope you enjoy this one. I do not own any of the Multimedia.

Hello! I have a new book  and this is a Chris Colfer: The land of Stories inspired. The book is really amazing so I hope you'll read it! Again this is only an INSPIRED book. Hope you'll love this fanfic tho, leave me a comment or a vote. If you have an idea comment or Message me, I will try my best to put your ideas in the book. Book cover ideas is highly accepted.
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