Luna Skylar

Luna Skylar

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~Val By nicolevf14 Updated Sep 25, 2017

At age twenty-one, Skylar Bellemore loses all hope of finding her destined mate. After three years of seeing other wolves her age meeting their mates from near and far, she decides it may be time for her to move on. That's when she meets Bennett Price, a man around her age whose destined mate had passed away a year prior. Now, Skylar and Bennett have been together, happily in love, for four years, and the two of them couldn't imagine things any other way. In fact, Skylar is convinced that whoever her destined mate is, couldn't possibly compare to Bennett, and she no longer has any interest in ever meeting him. 

Bennett, on the other hand, worries every day that his chosen mate may run into the man she's destined to be with. Although Skylar assures him that nothing could ever come between them, could she really be so sure?

Alpha Zane Warwick had never had much interest in finding his mate. He didn't necessarily dislike the idea of having a mate, but it wasn't a top priority for him. That is, until his father, former Alpha Cedric Warwick suddenly falls ill and passes away. With no Luna or former Alpha, the Night Fire pack becomes the weakest and most vulnerable it's ever been. Between Zane's deep hunger for power and his father's dying wish for him to find his mate, his pack's rightful Luna, Zane has no choice but to actively search for the she-wolf the Moon Goddess destined him to be with. 

He would stop at nothing to find her, and once he found her, he would never let her go

Cover by @sereneur

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 **Contains mature and some uncomfortable  content including: scenes of sex, violence, cursing, etc. Warnings will be provided at the beginning of chapters.**

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