Wish You Were Here || H.S. Harry Styles

Wish You Were Here || H.S. Harry Styles

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[#1 Fan Fiction 12 Sept 2018] - MATURE CONTENT - "If I start I won't be able to stop." I confess. "Then don't stop."

- Welcome to the intoxicatingly addictive world of Olivia & Harry.  

PART 1 of 3

Olivia's an introvert and supremely private but when her world literally collides with Harry's, a successful, confident musician, everything changes.

Reader comments:

"ok wow wow wow I loved that book and read it all in 24 hours.  I loved it thank you thank you for crafting such a beautiful and, at times, frustrating story but all the frustration shows the depth of the world you've created and I was only annoyed because I wanted to see these characters I'd grown to love find happiness" -  @frogdaddy

"That was breathtaking, beautiful, amazing, wonderful, lovely, adventurous and all in all magnificent!! I'm in tears.. My heart can't handle this.. I'm gonna read the 2nd book right now!!!" - @ingeGer

"i'M CRYING . BEST BOOK EVER. 11/10 RECOMMEND" - @div3rgeme


"I have never commented on a story before but I love this story so much I just had to tell you! I started reading this yesterday and couldn't put it down. I love your characters, the storyline and, of course, the smut! You're an incredible writer and I can't wait to read part 2!" - @Anna7312

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So listen, I'm a fully grown woman and English Lit./Creative Writing grad....and you have some serious writing chops. This is by far the most well written piece I've read on Wattpad. Keep it up!
Nah_Nah_88 Nah_Nah_88 Sep 15
Now I already know this is gonna break my heart soo there's no point in asking but wish me luck
I'm gonna picture him as either 2018 harry, 2012 harry or 2011 harry 😂
quietchao5 quietchao5 4 days ago
Well... That’s me. 
                              Starting to like where this is going already... Haha.
tiddiesuccc tiddiesuccc Oct 07
Me: *has 6 essays to make, loads of homework and group projects*
                              Also me: I’m so bored I’ve nothing to do
undotrumanblack undotrumanblack 3 days ago
I am learning/studying French as my 3rd language and it's a pain in the ass