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Voldemort's Wish List

Voldemort's Wish List

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*Rachael* By IAmGeorge Updated Feb 10, 2011

Merry birthday Voldemort! To any death eaters, read this and you won't get hit on the head. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO VOLDY, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO VOLDY, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO V-DOG! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU. P.S I rule all <3

BBBBBOOOOOOOIIIIIIIII the world will end before that happens
iamkatjk iamkatjk Mar 21, 2016
10: Here's Bellatrix *shoves her towards Voldemort*
                              18: With pleasure *polishes wand*
                              AVADA KEDAVRA!! VAMPIRES DON'T SPARKLE!!
                              I'm not Team Voldy. You're better with a warrior than a girl who sits around with her sparkly 100-year-old boyfriend
GryffindorWarlock GryffindorWarlock Aug 24, 2016
If it was a choice between Edward, Jacob or Voldemort... Proud Gryffindor I am I'd choose team Voldemort
Sebastain_Ciel Sebastain_Ciel Jul 16, 2016
I VOTE TEAM VOLDERMORT, ITS BETTER THAN TEAM HARRY.( unless u pair Harry and Draco together)
Faye_Lockwood_15 Faye_Lockwood_15 Nov 15, 2015
Parseltongue aye?
                              Well voldy...hiss...hiss...potter......hiss...ginny......hisss....chamer..hisss
gvgmek gvgmek May 29, 2015
Well I wouldn't want to get hit on the head REALLY HARD now would I!!!!