Becoming Female Alpha (Under Editing)

Becoming Female Alpha (Under Editing)

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NinaMarie (Tibs13) By NinaMarie13 Updated Aug 04, 2015

Sequel to Alpha Arranged!! :) Title credit for Alpha Arranged goes to AlexisGrove.

Courage, bravery, fearless. These are all qualities a female alpha needs, but can Claire meet them? Does she have what it takes to run her pack? Or is Leslie right? Can Claire overcome her worries and fears and be who she's meant to be? Can she protect not only Nick,  but her child as well?

Clair's adventure has only begun when she finds out she's pregnant. Secrets are about to unfold and only she can solve them. But what happens when Nick goes missing? What happens when the only person who knows why he's missing is Shane? It's time for Claire to step up to the plate and be who she's supposed to be.

But can she do it?

**SINCE THE FIRST STORY IS BEING REWRITTEN, THIS IS INDEFINITELY ON HOLD. I hope to make the first story even better than it's original so that I can tie up loose ends and then we will see about this sequel. I'm definite about this sequel because it makes sense to the original story. This will be completed once I'm done with the original rewrite.

bebebishop bebebishop Feb 14, 2014
he left his wife, who was just beaten up bad,  for a little chat with his ex?
taylala3 taylala3 Apr 12, 2013
Ive read every story so far like a billion times!!!!!! I love this storyyy!!!!!!!!!
tashiri tashiri Nov 04, 2012
yuckk Leslie is the new antagonist ewww !!! hate her hahahaahha
NoraWray NoraWray Apr 06, 2012
i feel so sorry for them  some thing up with Leslie i dont trust her at all
FlynnRider FlynnRider Oct 06, 2011
Ok, so i really want to draw a picture of Claire and Nick, 
                              What color is nick hair and eye's, and does he wear glasses?
                              What color is Claire's hair and eyes, and does she wear glasses?
sol_sapito sol_sapito Jul 10, 2011
I soooooo live it!!! Please update soon can't wait to read whats next!!