The Alpha Of Blood Creek || ✔️

The Alpha Of Blood Creek || ✔️

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"Do I scare you?" He asks leaning in and whispering into my ear. All my knowledge of mates were thrown out of the window when i met Aiden Malik..

"No." I say confidently trying to not stutter. I honestly was terrified of this man.. the aura that surrounded him intrigued me, making me want to learn more and break down the concrete walls that protected his heart.

"I should." He chuckles darkly as he places a kiss on my neck. He pulls away and walks away leaving me breathless. Fully aware of how he makes me feel..


Willow Godfrey was a hyper active girl that loved exploring! Well what happens when the girl passes the border of The Blood Creek Pack. She was fully aware that when she crossed the border to her pack, Crescent Moon, she had become a rogue. Leaving her family and pack behind to fill the hole in her heart.

But what she doesn't know is that the Alpha Of Blood Creek is none other than Aiden Malik..

What happens when the hyper active, annoying girl crashes heads with the Ruthless, rude Alpha?


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