Illustrations (an Enoch O'Connor fanfiction)

Illustrations (an Enoch O'Connor fanfiction)

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H Lizzie By FangirlofMany9503 Updated Jan 08

Elysia Abernathy always knew she was different. 

When she turned eight, she discovered her peculiar talent of making things she drew come to life. She practiced her talent in private until, one day, her older brother, Nathaniel, caught her giggling in her bedroom as she spoke with a sparkling fairy she'd created. For five years, up until her fifteenth birthday, her talent was their secret to keep, but then the wight came.

Now Elysia has been pulled from her former life and put in an entirely new home and time full of children with talents just as peculiar as hers. But one of the children there intrigues her more than she cares to admit. As she fights to grow closer to him and get to know the strange boy with the ability of necrokinesis, she finds herself slowly falling for him. But will he allow his barriers down for her, or shut her out just as he does everybody else?

(First 10 or so chapters are more of an introductory, Enoch comes in in about the 11th chapter)

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