Facing the Blank Page

Facing the Blank Page

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Punkrockpearl By Punkrockpearl Updated Nov 27, 2017

Warning: for eventual mature content...there WILL be sexy time.

By request - AU: Isaac "Old Man" Hanson's not married in this Anthem-era Hanfic (sorry, Nikki). He's been doing some soul searching and reading heavily for the Grace Unknown podcast when he meets Emily, an opinionated woman who works at the local Tulsa bookshop while attending college to become an educator. Perhaps she can help Isaac attain some enlightenment; that is if her manager, Jerry, would stop hovering over her. Will Isaac finally get the girl, Emily finally find her intellectual equal, and Jerry get some gentlemanly manners? Let's find out and start to face the blank page.

First fanfic EVER shared. Feedback is welcome in the form of constructive criticism or overwhelming approval. You know, to feed my underdeveloped ego.

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