Breaking Eden

Breaking Eden

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[Highest rank in Mystery/Thriller #2 on 8/7/2018!] 
Wattpad's most twisted and disturbing book. A must read!

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Declan Payne isn't your average multimillionaire CEO. He's the owner of Pleasure in Payne, one of the worlds most profitable sex toy manufacturers. But underneath his poised, well mannered  facade lies a sinister beast waiting to be released. And the moment he spots Eden the need to own her, in every way imaginable, consumes him. He'll stop at nothing to claim what he believes is rightfully his. 

Eden Burrows is a featured dancer at Harvey's and couldn't be happier. Only her days in the spotlight are numbered when she crosses paths with the stranger in room 6. What starts off as a routine job ends in betrayal and her imprisonment. Held against her will, Eden must over come her fear and fight to escape because, for her, dying is not an option. 

*** Fans or haters of 50 Shades or 365 Days/365 Dni are in for a treat!***First draft only***Not a cliché Stalknapper book***Twisted Romance***Hardcore Action***

"You're to obey my every request." Declan spoke,  "If you choose to disobey me, you'll be punished severely for your indiscretions. Nod if you understand."  

Eden nodded.

"These punishments will be dealt out regularly and for any reason I see fit. They'll be carried out by myself or someone of my choosing.  Do you understand?" He cracked a knuckle when she didn't respond. "Speak!" 

Eden flinched back and struggled to crawl away but his hands were already on her. Pulling her back towards the middle of the room by her hair, he forced her head back. "Do you understand me?" 

"Yes!" Eden gasped. "I understand."

"Over time you'll learn to respect me. Perhaps you'll even learn to love me." His thumb traced her quivering bottom lip, "But I'm not interested in your love, Eden. I'm much more interested in experiencing your pain. And personally speaking, I'm going to enjoy every moment it takes to break you."