Alpha's Claim

Alpha's Claim

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Hannah By chemicalromance8 Updated Nov 28, 2016

Hazel wants a mate-- just not now. She has two guys secretly vieing for her attention. All things aren't as they appear as she looses her virginity to one of the guys, not knowing he's keeping a little secret, he's in love with her. He loved the little blonde always looking beautiful He couldn't have her all those years but one night was what he got from her but he didn't like the outcome.


I crawled on top of him as he had his eyes closed, straddling him. 

He opened his eyes, grabbing onto my hips, grounding our bottom halves against each other. I felt an intense sensation at the movement wanting no clothes between us.

He flipped us over, taking his shirt off, so I was under him and started kissing on my neck when I heard a door open. He blocked me with his body when I heard a familiar voice."Sorry dude, I didn't know you were with someone but Liam arrived and we were going to play some Madden. So if you wanna join but I see your busy so you'll probably not."I heard Derrick shut the door, hearing his deep chuckles bounce off the walls.

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