Her Hunters

Her Hunters

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Ascendent By AdriaMenthe Updated Nov 18, 2015

One witch.
                                               Four mates. 
                                  An eternity of red-hot passion. 

   Talia Nightraven knew that as a witch, danger was inevitable. But when the alpha’s son enlists her help in saving his father, she finds herself caught up in much more than just a war. With two witch hunters, an alpha’s heir, and a werewolf rogue as mates, Talia knows that her life will never be normal. She will always be strung between four wolves that want her to themselves.

  Talia's situation isn't kept a secret for long. Quickly becoming a target, Talia has to find a way to protect herself. But this bond may just be what saves her skin when a pack of rogues attacks. Will they make it out alive, or go down in flames?

  • gavin
  • love
  • mates
  • polyamorous
  • rogues
  • sexual
  • team
  • teamdiesel
  • teamgabriel
  • teamgarrett
  • witch
Mrs_Chat_Noir Mrs_Chat_Noir Oct 23, 2017
Now why would you ask that of her? She just met you and you are asking her to bind HER LIFE to someone she doesn't even know. Not to mention if he dies then so will she
crazykidz_ crazykidz_ Jun 18, 2016
And she will the innocent life on your hands if your father dies, when your father dies. How could you ask her to literally bind their lives togerher. She doesn't know you or your father
AngelofDarkness116 AngelofDarkness116 Dec 13, 2016
So many people I know that don't read will sit either bihind or beside me and say crazy shîţ like this.
kelzykitty1999 kelzykitty1999 Feb 02, 2016
Dude just let it go I'm sorry but you barely know her and youre asking her to do something as big as this
elainedvp elainedvp Jan 12, 2016
You're asking a girl you just met to bind her life with your fathers who is an older person. Good people and bad people dies everyday why are you acting like it's her responsibility to save his life? She doesn't even know him.
Ronnie92 Ronnie92 Feb 17, 2014
Update! I'm already excited on how this book is going to turn out :)