One Last Chance

One Last Chance

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Thatgirl_Allycat By Thatgirl_Allycat Updated Feb 23, 2015

Chapter: 1

Addison's P.O.V.

The wind blew harshly on my face. The cold air felt like tiny needles on my skin. Besides the wind howling at me, there was an eeire silence. I felt like someones gaze was fixed on me, like someone was watching, But I suppose everyone feels that way while walking alone in the night. I picked up my pace, the silence was uncomforting. The trees that surrounded me swayed gracefully in the wind. 

"So cold." I murmured to myself. I stuffed my icy hands into the pockets of my jacket. I breathed in deeply, hoping that my house would magically appear in front of me. Each step I took echoed in the wind. I wondered if people miles away could hear me take steps on the hard cement. Did echos travel that far? 

"Hello there, pretty little lady." A man said as he pulled up beside me in a white car. I glanced at him, but continued walking without saying a word. 

His car inched foward, catching up with me. "Hey! I was talking to you." He said with a smirk on his face.


nanii223 nanii223 Jan 02, 2017
U should add some action like put that he  raped her and they had sex and all the details and she got pregnant
sarahreadergirl sarahreadergirl Apr 29, 2016
Continue the story!!!
                              It can't end!!!!
                               I will totally read it !!
TheSideNobodyKnows TheSideNobodyKnows Sep 21, 2016
You grammar nazis are making me want to tear my hair out! So what if she's not writing the way you want it. Write your own god damn book to correct mistakes, because nobody can write a story without mistakes!
Mysterious-Saeran- Mysterious-Saeran- Mar 14, 2016
                              Why'd you click to see more lol
faythx faythx Nov 13, 2015
If you've been watching her y did u still ask her to tell you about yourself
SearraRoessnerDicks SearraRoessnerDicks Nov 01, 2015
What about I wondered if  people miles away could here. The echo , as my feet hit the firm and icy concrete.