The Definition Of Beautiful

The Definition Of Beautiful

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Quinta 💋 By LaQuinta1432 Completed

LaQuinta a phat thick girl who gets bullied by her stepsister LaShay and LaShay's crew and everybody else, but a gentlethug helps her out with her insecurities and problems.  

His name is Delmonte not all thugs are the same when it comes to him. She will learn to love him, but will she learn to love herself? 

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  • confidence
  • drama
  • drugs
  • insecurities
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Jyrowiththafro Jyrowiththafro Sep 15, 2017
Man I think the author was stalking me cause this !e all the way
Jyrowiththafro Jyrowiththafro Sep 15, 2017
I need a friend like her because anybody else would tell me he don't want yo ugly fat ass
SimplyGracefull99 SimplyGracefull99 May 26, 2017
My name is Unique but people always pronounce it ghetto if they don't here me say it first
HighOnLaMelooo HighOnLaMelooo Nov 06, 2017
🇭🇹🇭🇹🇭🇹🇭🇹🇭🇹🇭🇹🇭🇹 I love my zoes
guapokay guapokay Aug 07, 2017
fuuuuck nooo . hell nah, i always hated " step dads " i mean they don't call me out my name .. he'll can be nice and everything but if it isn't my daddy , i don't want you with my mama period & vice versa
BlacknRoyal BlacknRoyal Nov 10, 2017
No. Chris Brown is Bae and he will ways top everyone, so don't try it bitch. Maybe if you used the latest Trevor Jackson from College-ish THEN I would agree but no. He look like a baby and I like MENZ!!!!!😁😁😁