Whoa Baby

Whoa Baby

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Paisley Devoncourt is your typical sweetheart of the family that every parent is proud of. Smart, caring, responsible, and reliable. With her life set and planned she doesn't expect that life could change on her at any moment; all because of one, sympathetic and vulnerable night. Of course, the boy that helps her change her life, the proclaimed bad boy of the town; JC Ace. 

JC Ace, bad boy with a reputation, a dark childhood, and scars that no one can empathize over. He's the school's delinquent, the town's gossip, and the result of a sinful teenage mistake. And some how, he's drawn to tell the goody-two-shoes sweetheart all his problems. 

Polar opposites who now have the biggest responsibility of their lives. A baby. To keep or not to keep? That is the question. Conflicts will arise. Heart ache. Jealousy. Relationships. Plenty of arguments. Secrets, but most of all, the life lesson that Paisley must learn and the nightmares that JC must now experience.

spookyselena spookyselena a day ago
my friends get mad when i tell them we're halfway through senior year and they'd be like "shut the fuckk up don't talk about graduation" and i'm just like "well i want to leave already bîtch imma see you in college tho"
-reclusive -reclusive Nov 01
omg in my school if u talked back to a teacher, they will suspend you
                              *Gets glue* 
                              *Mumbling angrily* "First chapter and fourth wall already broken...*
Third time I've read this book and I love it more and more every time!! I fricking love romance books!! Keep them coming like this one!! You have a fan!!
-reclusive -reclusive Nov 01
oh sorry it seems like ure holding the mirror so ure the ugly one seen on the mirror
The other Boleyn girl 😏...
                              King Henry should have just been smart & stay with Mary when she had his son but... Men will be men. 😌