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My Player of a Best Friend

My Player of a Best Friend

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karen* By kariilee23 Completed

I wouldn't trade my best friend for anyone else in the world. He's amazing, funny, supportive, and everything that is great. He can be a little protective at times but it's okay since he doesn't go overboard with it. There's only one teeny little thing that I don't really like about him. Well, it's actually a big thing. It's what he is. It's that fact that he's the biggest player I've ever met! 

At first, I thought that I had a problem with my heart since it beats erratically whenever I see a certain blue eyed boy but then I realized that I might have a teeny little crush on my best friend. Not that I'll ever tell anyone. Not even Mels or Austen who are my other best friends. As long as Mike is still my best friend, it's all that matters. He's like my rock. I won't let a stupid crush ruin our years of friendship. The problem is that it's hard to forget about a crush since I see him literally every single day at school and the fact that he lives right next door.

Thank you for having little to no grammatical mistakes! It's so much easier to read this way.
How old is she in the prologue? Just wondering so I can figure out how old she is now.
GabrielleAnneLibetar GabrielleAnneLibetar Nov 01, 2016
To be first while I'm reading this story,I was bored....But in the next chapters,I can't stop reading....well...the story is nice....
IHeartSarcasm23 IHeartSarcasm23 Dec 13, 2016
My laugh is weird.
                              Imagine a child giggling.
                              Then imagine a child choking on it's food.
                              Mine is all of THAT mixed together.
clorox-bleachx clorox-bleachx Nov 22, 2016
I have a stupid laugh. 
                              I'm silent until I run out of breath then hyperventilate really loud before being silent again. It's an on-going unattractive process😂😂
Everyone's commenting about their best guy friend, and I'm like, "I don't even have any guy friends!" 😭