Into the Woods (Dusttale Sans x Frisk)

Into the Woods (Dusttale Sans x Frisk)

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The Arcus of Artifex's Fan Fic Origins By ArcusArtifex-Genis- Updated Jul 10, 2018

*Cover art by Arcus Artifex & LunearTea*

He had been there for as long as she could remember, stalking through the woods, his eyes glowing red and blue from the darkness. She could see the glint of his blade as it caught the moonlight, and she always heard what sounded like demonic...barking whenever she saw him as if some wild hellhounds followed at his heels just out of sight. She knows he's bad. She knows that he would be the death of her, but he had been there for so long driving her mad, and that fateful night, she couldn't help but go out and meet the maniac in the woods...wanting to know the meaning of mercy...

As of May 11th, 2018
Rated #2: Frans
Rated #5: Dusttale
Rated #72: Darkness
Rated #86: Nightmare
Rated #469: Horror

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