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One Thousand Miles

One Thousand Miles

3M Reads 53K Votes 74 Part Story
Annie Woods By the-before Completed

Stephanie Hersh has always been the quiet and shy type until she meets John Schmidt, the man who will make her life do a 360. Four years have passed and Stephanie is now Stephanie Schmidt. Being married to a very successful and known business man, living in a house possibly bigger than Buckingham Palace, and just being somebody couldn't be any better, right? At least that's what Stephanie thought.....

Five years after being married to who she thought was the love of her life, she realizes how aggressive John has become and decides to take their three month old and run. Escaping John Schmidt is harder than she thought it would be considering the fact that he's got men searching everywhere for her and their child. What Stephanie doesn't realize is that even if she walks one thousands miles she will never, and I mean never, escape from John.

ThatcherMika ThatcherMika Dec 22, 2016
if i could fall into the sky
                              do you think time would pass me by
                              beCAUSE YOU KNOW ID WALK A THOUSAND MILES
                              if i could just see you TONIGHT
amiyaallen amiyaallen Apr 04, 2016
Making my way downtown walking fast faces past and I'm homebound
amiyaallen amiyaallen Apr 04, 2016
If I could fall into the sky 
                              do you think time would pass me by
                               because you know I Would walk a thousand miles 
                              if I could just see you
- - Oct 29, 2015
The first chapter didn't draw me sounded very cliche. You probably have a unique plot though.
SadiixxK SadiixxK Sep 13, 2015
Left it in the middle, now back to start from the beginning.
MicaPrincess MicaPrincess Jun 30, 2015
I am re- reading this book for 3rd time around . LOL . LOVE LOVE your book :)