Seducing a Virgin

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The beat of his heart, the taste of his skin, even the slightest touch sent shivers down my spine. The heat of his passionate kiss overwhelmed me and I knew I couldn't live my life any other way. I kissed him back deeply and fell back onto the bed to let him have his way with me.
    "Aubrey?" I gasped, recognizing the voice of that male anywhere, "Aubrey? Where are you?"
    I Tried to shove Kadaj off of me as he kissed my neck, "K-Kadaj! S-stop! It's-"
    To late, the door to my room swung open violently, "Aub-" my eyes caught his immediately and felt his anguish, his face fell.
    Kadaj sat up slowly, a devious smirk covered his face. That's when Alexander became outraged, what have I just done?
    **Aubrey is one of three types of demons (Nightwalkers, Werefolk and Druj) what a human would call a vampire, and has been engaged to her best friend- Alexander since birth. Although she has sworn herself to Alexander, due to their royal linage the duo have never had a moment alone- meaning Alexander has not had the chance to bind Aubrey to him for all eternity by mating. When a handsome druj named Kadaj decides to crash their wedding and take advantage of this, Aubrey ends up losing every thing she has ever held dear. Now she has to learn not only to not end up as her captors families lunch, but try not to fall for his seductive ways as well.
Hey! This is awesome! I love how original it is. And your writing style is super different to what I usually read but I really enjoyed this. I will be back to read the next update :)
Very good start....can't wait to see what u have in store for this:)!!!!!