The Werewolf Ball (BoyxBoyxBoy)

The Werewolf Ball (BoyxBoyxBoy)

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Lyssa F. By SeikaPhoenix Updated Nov 05

Rowan is a country boy who lives in south Texas. He owns goats, but loves them as if they're his brothers and sisters. One night, he's startled awake by howls. Not coyote howls, wolf ones.

Rowan has killed many coyotes in his teenage life to protect the herd, but never, never has he heard wolves this close to the goat yard. Being stupid, he grabs his gun at eleven o'clock at night, heads out the door, and stays watching in the goat yard for movement in the brush. 

What happens next? Chapter one and two have the answers you need. Be prepared for twists and turns, but when tragedy strikes... What will you do?

The Werewolf Ball - where loves are found and lives are lost.


© 2014-2016 by Lyssa Faden a.k.a SeikaPhoenix

6/15/2016 UPDATE: 

Once this book is completed, the first five chapters or so will be completely rewritten, and the rest of the book will be fully edited to match with the other chapters.

7/24/2016 NOTE: 


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