The Second Son. (Thranduil) |The Hobbit|

The Second Son. (Thranduil) |The Hobbit|

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CiljeBilje By CiljeBilje Updated Oct 02, 2016

[Sequel to The Elvenking.] 

Be taken back to Greenwood, and the cold heart of the king. Many years have passed since the terrible accident. Neurion has grown up, he is the second born, second to the throne after his brother Legolas. 
Neuron is reckless, curious, adventurous, and he wants to explore the world beyond the borders og his fathers kingdom, even though he's not allowed to do so. 

The time of peace and plenty is gone, an enemy has returned to middle earth and is threatening to destroy everything. When a group of dwarves stumble upon the greenwood forest, they find out what is really happening and who have returned. The dwarves quest will trigger something greater than anything before. 

 Dark magic dwells in Dol- Gûldur. Come back, learn what has happened, and what will happen to them all.

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