Church Boy Gone Bad // Jelena

Church Boy Gone Bad // Jelena

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Justin Bieber was a normal casual church boy. He went to church almost everyday, considering his mom was the head teacher of the classes that took place there, including charity events & helping people in need of it. Also, his father just happens to be a preacher.

He prayed everyday, night & morning.

He rarely cussed or messed with people. Girls, partying, drinking & being a teenager weren't of importance to him.

But that all changes once he meets Selena Gomez.

Selena Gomez the rebel of the town. She's sent to live with Justin's family in hope of Justin's good influence rubbing off on her.

Who would of thought it would be otherwise & Selena's bad influence would rub off on Justin?

Over time Justin starts developing feelings, as well as Selena for him. But they're from two different worlds.

They, along with others, might not accept the raging love between the two birds.

Things will definately not be the same when this church boy goes bad. z._.z

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Me and my friends say ' I DEFENETLY feel the fücking love'😂
LOL!!! What a faaaaaantastic friend :') goals (note the sarcasm)
Why tf did I read: "my mother Pattie walken & patted my head & kissed my forehead" omg reading at 3㏂ is not helping xD
titiXL titiXL Sep 03
Girls. Unimportant. Justin? 
                              What world are you livin' in Hun?
Fyi selena is excactly ladylike and also classy bruh just saying but yeahhhhh
Its weird reading this when you just got done reading "Claimed"