Losing Faith

Losing Faith

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Sarah By Prince_Levi Updated May 11

"Nothing in life is ever really free. If you don't pay for it, someone else will." 

{Book Two}

The ongoing joke that all preachers children are rebellious couldn't be more true. When the whole church has you under a microscope, sometimes you do things just to give them something to talk about. Especially when you live in a small town and your business is everyone's business. Then there are the select few who end up falling in love with someone that they don't have any business being with. 

Faith McLean was the poster child for what a  preacher's daughter should be like. Without a mean bone in her body and a perfect attendance record at church, everyone figured she was destined for great things. That was until she met a certain someone named Samuel Eklund. He may have changed her life but as far as her family and the church are concerned, it wasn't for the better. 

With rising tension in her home life, Faith began to rebel under the pretense of love. After a rather heated argument, Samuel disappeared without even as much as a goodbye. Leaving Faith to pick up the pieces of her broken heart. However, nothing in life comes without repercussions and Faith will soon learn that. 

What will happen when she is finally faced with the consequences of her actions? 

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