I Am His

I Am His

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Alyssa Morgan is a normal, teenage girl. Her parents are from the Makah tribe but moved to the La Push reservation when she was just ten. Alyssa met a girl on the reservation named Kim and they have been best friends since then. They are sixteen now and Alyssa and Kim are exact opposites, that's how they click.

Kim wants to hang out with people and forget about school, homework, and the future. 
Alyssa only has one friend, and can only focus on school, homework, work and the future. 
Kim wants Jared Cameron to love her as mush as she loves him. 
Alyssa doesn't have time for relationships. 

You see her parents just own a little diner that a lot of people eat at because there is only two on the reservation and one is just a coffee and pastry shop. 
Alyssa works there every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Her parents wish she didn't have to but they need the extra hands. 
Alyssa will own the diner one day and be in charge, that's why she likes to have all her grades up because she can't take the chance of failing. 
She never really got distracted until one particular boy walked in with his friends. They all looked kinda the same, russet skin, short black hair, tribal tattoo, and all very loud and hungry. 
She never understood how Kim could love a guy that didn't even look at her until now. 


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