1-800-KINK-ME-UP (Hiatus)

1-800-KINK-ME-UP (Hiatus)

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KIRA By afearofcarpets Updated Mar 18, 2015

I cover my mouth. The sensation of his lips against mine is still very apparent, real, earth-shattering. Shaken, my voice peels out from beneath my fingers, "Did you just-" 

"Yeah.." He grips the back of my head, threads his long, nimble fingers through my unruly hair and draws me closer to his face, "I kissed you." He removes my hand from my mouth, pads my bottom lip with his thumb, "Mind if I do it again?"

"You may not."

Hero has her fair share of issues. She holds conversations with kitchenware, works as a phone sex operator (while lacking the proper experience), and ninjas her way into boy's restrooms. But her problems triple the moment she learns that the vacant house across the lane is now occupied with new neighbors. She finds her routine interrupted by a particular boy, her absentee mother making a comeback seventeen years late, her bestfriend blinded by infatuation and her own feelings being tested; could this girl possibly live up to her name and somehow overcome?

  • absent
  • bipolar
  • blackmail
  • craziness
  • dog
  • finding
  • love
  • operator
  • parents
  • phone
  • sadist
  • self
  • teenager
  • war
LunaLynnMei LunaLynnMei Nov 13, 2014
I love this. An Absolutely unexpected yet enviable ability. I wish I could talk to appliances.
- - Oct 20, 2013
Very interesting so far! I like how your character does not seem to be one of those girls and how things seem different. Eager to read on.
princessofbel-air princessofbel-air Oct 20, 2013
Hero is definitely something else and so is this story. This sounds like it'll be one of the most unique stories I ever read. This was a really amazing start!
Justafeeling16 Justafeeling16 Jun 19, 2013
I bursted out laughing when the bread box yelled, "The heel is mine!" Omg that was funny! Ahah I have to tell my friends about this. Lol I love your sense of humor that was really unique! Voted!
- - May 12, 2013
That's really odd that she can hear Kitchen appliances talk o.o freaky
afearofcarpets afearofcarpets Mar 16, 2013
@Famousx.. That's not a glitch. And I don't control that. Usually you HAVE to be connected to Wifi to surf the interweb on an iPod. :(