This Game We Play

This Game We Play

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“So, boring class, huh?” Conner asked after class as we all got up to leave.

      I decided to just ignore him until he gets tired of talking to me. I’ve used this method before and have found it always works.

      “Aw, you’re going to ignore me now? That’s cute. Because guess what Princess? I got all day to get you to talk to me. And then I have tomorrow and the next day and the next day… Don’t think I’ll get bored either, because when I want something,” at this point his lips were right at my ear as he stood behind me while I was at my locker. His breath was hot as it fanned against my bare neck and I could barely contain my shiver and he said the last part all too seductively, “I get it. And guess what Hayley? I want you.”

susie12208 susie12208 Aug 28, 2016
We should be like friends bc I need friends and I already like u
Kate_Sugg_ Kate_Sugg_ Sep 25, 2016
Nope u want my car named Hayley but she doesn't like u so she says leave her alone
AliiseRedd AliiseRedd Dec 28, 2016
Just run up on em then, give em a few pieces... Gosh!😤😷😂
cerisepink cerisepink May 28, 2016
This is so me when people think they're wanted all up in my area... Loooool
Hey there. I'm kinda new to wattpad and is  in the process of writing a story but I don't know how to show a cast list. Please help me. Thank you.
zehgaga zehgaga Jun 22, 2016
I was wondering if after all these years you'd like to meet 😂😂