The Replacements (A Beaumont and Beasley Short Story)

The Replacements (A Beaumont and Beasley Short Story)

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Kyle Robert Shultz By KyleRobertShultz Completed

The Fang and Claw Pub is accustomed to unusual visitors. After all, its clientele is mostly made up of monsters and magical creatures, who come there to escape from a world where they are forced to keep their true appearances hidden. However, the pub's management does draw the line at ghosts. They're bad for business. And the one moaning and wailing upstairs simply has to go.

Fortunately, there are people to handle things like that. Namely, Beaumont and Beasley, celebrated investigators of the strange and the supernatural.

But it's not the Beaumont and Beasley you might have expected...

The Replacements is a short story featuring the characters of the Beaumont and Beasley series, currently available on Amazon. (It contains some spoilers for the first two books, so you might want to catch up on the series before reading this.) Support Kyle Robert Shultz on Patreon to receive more stories from this universe on a monthly basis!

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deborahocarroll deborahocarroll Sep 20, 2017
This is perfection and so much fun! I love the bantering and CRISPIN TOLD THE STORY and basically this story made me so happy and LAKSJDLFKJSLJD <3 That is all. :D AWESOME!
"We're not interested in telling your story. We've got our own, thank you very much." I really like that line~
This is where being a super nit-picky YouTube movie reviewer would come in handy.
Aw, their real romance is bleeding through! ;v; (Also, I knew he fell in love with her when she threw the roll lol.)