Afterward Adventures (ATLA Zuko X OC)

Afterward Adventures (ATLA Zuko X OC)

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When Hatred Turned to Love, she fell for him...
  When Love Turned back to Hatred, she tried to forget him...
  When Love Turned to Desire, they were finally together, but she had to let him go...
  ...after everything that happened, they couldn't be together. They both knew that. There is no problem without a solution, at least that's what Aang thought. Iris knew her brother was wise, she knew Katara's healing abilities were perfect, she knew that her friends would stand by her side in every other challenge she'd have to face.
  But Future is unpredictable. No one knows how things will turn out. The Hundred Year War is over but still, the Four Nations are far from restored to balance. Torn between her hurt feelings and the World's burden, Darkness will find a window of opportunity to take over her.
  Iris will have to choose between her life and Zuko's.
  She'll have to die, for him to live...


(Book 2 from 'When Hatred Turned to Love' Trilogy)

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