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Blood Donor (Gumball x Marshall lee)

Blood Donor (Gumball x Marshall lee)

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TheTasteOfTheChase By TheTasteOfTheChase Completed

"You got it bad for me, Mr.Perfect" Marshall chuckled as his dark figure floated into the night sky, cloaking his muscular body from me. I searched every where for him until i spun around and his face was a inch away from mine. My cheeks burned and my eyes never left his lips. He leaned in closer causing my mind to scream "RUN" But i wouldn't move. He let out a dark chuckle "I need a favor" His breath hit my cold lips causing me to shiver "W-What?" He floated up and landed gracefully on his feet, i looked up at him and he licked his dry lips.
"My body can't last on the color red forever, i need blood Gumball. And i want yours"
His eyes glowed a dark red and i began to tremble.
What have i gotten myself into.

Good little boy 
                              Always picking a fight with me
                              You know that I'm bad 
                              But you're spending the night me
                              What do want from my world
                              You're a good little boy
T0xicFl0wer413 T0xicFl0wer413 Dec 19, 2016
Oh thank God. I thought Fiona was going to get her way for a second their.
fcklogic fcklogic Jan 20
Who is curiosity? And why would she kill a cat? She sounds awful 😥
*appears in the middle of them* Lets just...*pushes them away from eachother* get some personal space.
                              *starts dancing to the music*
Oh just trust me....your gonna be scratching someone back if you get what I mean....wink wonk nudge nodge
I can wear anything that's comfortable even if it's ugly
                              Damn I can wear a trash bag if it's comfy 
                              Does that mean I'm a man