Kisa's Wish (OHSHC)  {Completed}

Kisa's Wish (OHSHC) {Completed}

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I only own my OCs Any credit for the other characters must be given to the creators of OHSHC
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Kisa Sasuke seems like an ordinary girl. However, she has no friends and keeps to herself. Haruhi becomes the sister she never had, but hanging with her has its downsides, like hanging out with six annoying guys. There's more to Kisa then meets the eye. Kisa suffers from the verbal abuse of her parents, her past, and voices in her head. The abuse doesn't stop there either. Ever since Chase died, Kisa has been abused by her parents and she's got the scars to prove it. Soon the Hosts find out about her scars, but how they came to be remains a mystery to them. Shocking ending that makes people wonder, Why?

"My Wish? I wish that I will one day see you again and be relieved of the horrors that plagued me"

Warning. This book contains abuse and unhealthy thoughts.

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Animelovestory Animelovestory Oct 25, 2016
I'm guessing Kyoya because he's like "Kira" and she's "Kisa" so, it ends pretty well.
I_Am_Lord_Pun I_Am_Lord_Pun Mar 07, 2016
That part almost made me cry. You are a beautiful person. Believe it or not. Even you're... Chubby... I hate the word fat. -3-
IsabelleElric IsabelleElric Mar 03, 2016
Thank you for adding the bit about unhealthy thoughts. I feel like that shows that you care about your readers.
GerardWaysHusband GerardWaysHusband Nov 08, 2016
Or the boys talking about boys... let's face it. Everyone in this anime (minus a select few) I almost as gay as me. XD
Pokemimi Pokemimi Aug 06, 2015
(Looks up for naruto story, finds Oran host club story) YAY!
Nikolean Nikolean Oct 16, 2014
mori, kyoya, kaoru or umehito. i know. i have a secret obsession with umehito