Falling Petals

Falling Petals

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BloomNax By BloomNax Updated Sep 17, 2017

Shana was always chubby. She was always confident with herself, before that dreadful day. That day when 'that' had changed her daily life for years, until she met someone to pick up the broken pieces and repair what was broken. 

Shana knew there was a price or consequence to everything. The day she confessed to her grade school crush, she gotten her heart broken, and her self esteem damaged. The words, 'I could never love a fatty like you!' Echoed in her head for years. 4 years to be exact. 

Now In high school, shana has to deal with many obstacles. Starting with getting over her toxic crush on the same guy who broken her heart 'that' day. Shana wore her heart on her sleeve, now that it was in pieces she couldn't risk letting anyone stomp on the pieces again. Shana also has to deal with being compared to her beautiful and drop dead gorgeous sister, Mina. 

How will Shana deal with all of this for the next 4 years of high school?

  • bodyconfidence
  • highschool
  • lovetriangle
  • onesidedlove
  • regrets
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