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wildforthenight By wildwolfe Completed


After being on the run for two years, Evaline and Leon find themselves tied up with Marcus Rohan. He and his pack are notorious for their vicious murders and all Marcus wants is Evaline. But how can she accept Marcus as he is when she can't shake the shadows of her past? Turning to Marcus wasn't part of the plan, but she knows she can't survive without him.


"You want love?" He asks, his green eyes boring into mine. "You want passion? You want forever? Then look at me, the monster fate has so unkindly tied you to, and tell me you can look past it all. Because I'm not going to change."

Mrs_Cookie_1 Mrs_Cookie_1 2 days ago
I wanted to go to Rome, but we don't always get what we want now do we hot stuff.
PapiChubi PapiChubi Dec 09, 2016
I want to kill trump but we can't always get what we want...
Omg 😂😂😂😂 this is my friend I'm 5'11 she is like 5'4
I love how this isn't a cliche book but.....lets make it more realistic tho. Their clothes should be been ripped when they shifted. I know this is ur book, but this bugs me
starkswithatardis starkswithatardis Jan 31, 2016
Kann mich nimma ruchtig dran erinnern aba ich glaub das ist ganz gut @daniela_nikic
NoirMonehrah NoirMonehrah Oct 02, 2015
I wonder if it's bad for me to hope that Evaline is just as monstrous . . .*drops stone into wishing-well*