Kitty's Witch

Kitty's Witch

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Rum Queen By roxybx Updated 7 days ago

Short novella of 30000 words or so. Not connected to any series of mine so far. 

This will be a publishable novella that I'm  trialing to see interest in the subject. 

Please note, it will be more erotic in nature than previous works. 

This one follows Serena - a young witch with fluctuating power - and her badly behaving familiar..... 

It'll be updated on wattpad with chapters moving to radish and then eventually published - hopefully a story that I can turn around quicker than my others. 

I know that's a short description! I want to see where it goes first :)

  • cat
  • fantasy
  • magic
  • romance
  • witch
lynjay lynjay Sep 30
Omg.... 😂😂 bloody hell.  So glad Rachelle Mills commented on this book.  Otherwise I wouldn't have found it!!!😉
Excellent chapter! You have a good sense of humor lol Do you plan on sending this to a publisher?
lynjay lynjay Sep 30
Omfg I actually laughed so loud that I got screamed at to "shut up"!!!.. my partner's  right next to me sleeping, well... trying to sleep🖕. Eh.😂😂
5445capri 5445capri Oct 14
I’m cracking up right now, the bluntness is so refreshing..😂😂😂😂
Melly888L Melly888L Oct 03
I wonder why the mum and best friend have different opinions about him...
xprinnyf xprinnyf Oct 26
Sounds like he’s boring and we need to switch him for a fun one