Kitty's Witch

Kitty's Witch

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Rum Queen By roxybx Updated 5 days ago

"You taste like mine."

Serena is a witch. 

Well, almost...

If it wasn't for her badly behaved familiar she might have already ascended to full witch and finally gained the approval of the Head of the Council - her mother. 

But the damn cat doesn't seem to want to play ball and it's getting to the point that the local cattery is looking like a swell idea. 

For a warrior witch, the fact that her own familiar won't reveal his war form, is making her look severely stupid. And Serena doesn't do stupid....

Good thing she has a glitter-witch/pixie/gypsy/no idea what she actually is, best friend who has her own dragon as a familiar, and Serena is not jealous. Not at all.

With help from a highly intoxicated Grandma, and an overly affectionate naked guy, Serena and Hayley fight against Sod's Law to finally achieve more than the title of 'Faulty West Coast Witch.'

This is a Novella of roughly 50,000 words that includes lots of indecent flashing, coarse humor, and an irreverent witch that has the vocabulary of a big, burly truck driver. Foul language warning in

Author takes no responsibility for sudden cat appreciation societies, adoptions, and/or girly-squeals. Any relation to real life is totally accidental and should this occur, please send details (and photographic evidence) to author's email address ;).

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Bruh I’d be mad. Like, underwear’s expensive, especially the quality kind
I mean, it could’ve been worse; shoes aren’t meant to double as litter boxes but some cats just don’t understand
EbonyOlson EbonyOlson Dec 18, 2017
OMG this is @GraceHey8 and I planning summer solstice. Bring wine and cover for me when I need to hide from my
Eiksgirl18 Eiksgirl18 Jan 08
I really LIKE this so far lol I want an animal especially for me :(
babygirl_satan babygirl_satan Dec 14, 2017
well damn let me get that lizard.........ill take it any soooooo serious ........if only they where real.
xiomy50 xiomy50 Jun 10
It's so funny how she so sweet, yet her familiar turns into a dragon 😂 I love this story.