Kitty's Witch

Kitty's Witch

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Rum Queen By roxybx Updated Jul 13

"You taste like mine."

Serena is a witch. 

Well, almost...

If it wasn't for her badly behaved familiar she might have already ascended to full witch and finally gained the approval of the Head of the Council - her mother. 

But the damn cat doesn't seem to want to play ball and it's getting to the point that the local cattery is looking like a swell idea. 

For a warrior witch, the fact that her own familiar won't reveal his war form, is making her look severely stupid. And Serena doesn't do stupid....

Good thing she has a glitter-witch/pixie/gypsy/no idea what she actually is, best friend who has her own dragon as a familiar, and Serena is not jealous. Not at all.

With help from a highly intoxicated Grandma, and an overly affectionate naked guy, Serena and Hayley fight against Sod's Law to finally achieve more than the title of 'Faulty West Coast Witch.'

This is a Novella of roughly 50,000 words that includes lots of indecent flashing, coarse humor, and an irreverent witch that has the vocabulary of a big, burly truck driver. Foul language warning in

Author takes no responsibility for sudden cat appreciation societies, adoptions, and/or girly-squeals. Any relation to real life is totally accidental and should this occur, please send details (and photographic evidence) to author's email address ;).

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Bruh I’d be mad. Like, underwear’s expensive, especially the quality kind
I mean, it could’ve been worse; shoes aren’t meant to double as litter boxes but some cats just don’t understand
EbonyOlson EbonyOlson Dec 18, 2017
OMG this is @GraceHey8 and I planning summer solstice. Bring wine and cover for me when I need to hide from my
LivMilesauthor LivMilesauthor Oct 13, 2017
Excellent chapter! You have a good sense of humor lol Do you plan on sending this to a publisher?
Eiksgirl18 Eiksgirl18 Jan 08
I really LIKE this so far lol I want an animal especially for me :(
babygirl_satan babygirl_satan Dec 14, 2017
well damn let me get that lizard.........ill take it any soooooo serious ........if only they where real.