Cliches Of Majority CreepyPasta Fan-Fictions

Cliches Of Majority CreepyPasta Fan-Fictions

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NJN By nnopehi Updated May 07

This is your guide of what NOT to do in your OC x (Insert pasta here) stories

WARNING: I curse *A LOT* and even get harsh. If you simply can't handle that then I strongly suggest you don't read this story. This is *NOT* an exaggeration.
If you however, don't mind then please proceed to read if you wish.
If you do mind, that's fine, you're allowed to click away.

(Aliens take me from this miserable rock)

-_Suspect_- -_Suspect_- Jul 05
I used to be that cringey CP fangirl that would read those fanfics XD
Blaccwolfe Blaccwolfe May 10
I see this all the time now i wouldn't mind if the oc like took down like two or three cp but if the oc took all of them down their selfs then i face palm and I always hate how the reader always has to get saved cause 'They are oh so weak' And i mostly see this with girl x cp fanfics
Antlerca Antlerca Apr 15
I took this book down, but Jeff in my story was a giggly insane b-itch that almost stabbed the reader multiple times.
YaniBaybay YaniBaybay May 24
is that a refrence in DHMIS or don't hug me i'm scared, kind of thing in the first episode, or not???
Or mom and dad go on a two year and a half business trip and leave you at home, since your 15/16 and old enough.
Gear_Shift Gear_Shift Apr 14
So I can't defend myself in a slightly skillful manner but I can't be rescued either...*sigh*