Cliches Of Majority CreepyPasta Fan-Fictions

Cliches Of Majority CreepyPasta Fan-Fictions

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NJN By nnopehi Updated Jul 31

This is your guide of what NOT to do in your OC x (Insert pasta here) stories

WARNING: I curse *A LOT* and even get harsh. If you simply can't handle that then I strongly suggest you don't read this story. This is *NOT* an exaggeration.
If you however, don't mind then please proceed to read if you wish.
If you do mind, that's fine, you're allowed to click away.

(Aliens take me from this miserable rock)

I used to write this kind of sh*t but now I'm tired of it, for so many hours of reading cp fanfics I think I can see my brain from rolling my eyes too much.
Here's one more thing u need to know, 
                              before you let ur creativity flow.
                              Listen to your heart!
                              Listen to the rain!
                              Listen to the voices in your brain!
No... Don't bring back the nightmares from that show. I will never unsee episode five
These are really good similes.
                              I'll tell my teachers about them.
- - Jul 21
"Green is not a creative color." Uh, is that a vocaloid reference I smell? No? Okay. I feel stupid now xD
                              Anyways, these are some pretty valid points! I'll be sure to take them into consideration when I write my Jeff the Killer fanfic :)
xD I cut Slendy in my origin story. Like, Jeff ends up my boyfriend but 1) I kicked him in the balls when I was afraid and running around like Jack Sparrow, screaming like Spongebob and 2) We HATE each other in the beginning. He's a jerk and I hate him right back.