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Olatunji Kamaliah By kammie_writes Updated 2 days ago

..."Helen huh" I scoffed "So that's her name yeah?" 

"Yes, her name's Helen"

"Okay..... So what am I supposed to do with her name?"

"Abbie, I know you're angry with me. Just hear me out and let me explain"

"Explain what dad? The fact the you had a supportive family and threw it down the drain? Or the fact the you had a loving wife and betrayed her trust? Or the fact that you flushed all your wedding vows down the sewer? Ohh.... I don't know, it could be the fact that you abandoned your beautiful wife and impregnated a whore?!" The moment I completed my statement, I felt a smack on my face. He slapped me. He really freaking slapped me. Could this day get any worse?...

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