Twisted Disney Princesses

Twisted Disney Princesses

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What if Prince Charming never came? What if the tapestry was never sown back together? 

These are the Disney Princesses... twisted.

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missmaddiej missmaddiej Nov 20
You got burned so bad you had to go on a 3 year journey to find your honor
Haha how evil of you ... sounds interesting to say the least.
USA9161 USA9161 Aug 24
Sleeping beauty because she is the most famously Disney Princess in Disney Princess like the entrance of the Disney and the periswheel and the statue
ramshaelsa ramshaelsa 6 days ago
Phewwwww.... that was interesting .. but the song was not that good .. it was okay... (don't feel bad about it, I just said it cause you told to do it, and it just didn't felt right that's all)
MOM0324 MOM0324 Sep 29
Love the idea ... Definitely would like to read more .. Lots more horror~!
disney_food disney_food Jan 10
I just looked at the cast and it's funny af😂
                              'The Disney princesses as the fūcked up murderers.'