Justin Bieber Love Story (RATED R)

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K E N Y A T T E By Gemini_Writer_34 Updated 7 months ago
    I finally decided to bring this story back. It will be a bit different, but it will basically be the same.
    Bri is a belieber who goes to Justin's concert. They have a connection and build a relationship. They go through many ups and downs, but nothing they can't handle. Read on to see what they go through.
like, how do you do that? y'all just had sex and now he want you to date him? like the pu$$y is telling me that she will be a great girlfriend. HAHA
and it was her birthday? lawd jesus, when will I get a present like that?
idek why but I think it is so funny that they didn't even fully meet and they having sex in his dressing room. that makes me wanna go to a chris brown concert rn lol
Ain't that the mothafuckin truth every thing u said about him is true that's a real belieber and I will be their to the end as well no matter what he has done
I wanted to cry the whole time I was reading it. Write about what you've been through. I'm sure it's defiantly inspiring and powerful.
Amen to that girl x That was a strong and powerful statement :) x