"The Celestial Dragon Princess" [Fairy Tail Fan-Fic] Completed

"The Celestial Dragon Princess" [Fairy Tail Fan-Fic] Completed

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┼SilentDreamer101┼ By starofthedragon101 Completed

Why am I weak?
Why cant I protect my friends? My family?

Even though i caused most the trouble... 

 Do you know?
 You are stronger than anyone here on Earthland?
Do you want to Protect you friends?

 I want to protect them by myself! 

But I wish it was true
Then why not make it true
You'll see

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Jinxxlove Jinxxlove Jul 18
Zeref: The cute, adorable, hot evil wizard 
                              Lasagna: The bitch that always gets in the way of NaLu.
I thought it said zerif licking around so DIRTY MIND ACTIVATE
Lisanna is not allowed in any Nalu fanfiction, remember that.
missf-eathers missf-eathers May 03, 2016
Lisanna. You can come into the fic, but if you go anywhere near Lucy's property - Aka #Natsu - then I will bitch slap you with my new Neko Atsume glasses case. YOU JUST GOT CAT ATTACKED!
ElegantRose1 ElegantRose1 Jul 28, 2016
Lol I imagine a literal dragon scale and afterward I imagined a scale, the balancing kind XD
                              Some more detail would be nice, yea
Ashley_Hime18 Ashley_Hime18 Oct 11, 2016
Zeref is fine with me, lurking him around but LISANNA? LISANNA?!! returning from the dead and points out Lucy as a weak mage?! It's hellhole.... F***