Leftover Woman (Ongoing)

Leftover Woman (Ongoing)

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Meixia (美夏) By MeiSummer Updated 3 days ago

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     Yiwen Wang had the perfect life until she finds her fiance with his head buried in some woman's fake boobs. What's worse? The boobs belong to a co-worker five years her junior!
      Yiwen's checklist to success:
      ✓ An apartment in Shanghai's most expensive district
      ✓ A job most women would kill for
      ✕ A tall, rich, and handsome husband
      Zian Li has movie star looks... and nothing else.
      Zian's checklist to success:
      ✕ Earn lots of money
      ✕ Buy a nice house and car
      ✕ Marry and have kids
      In a society where the checklist to success is clearly defined, is there room for true love? What happens when a woman who almost has it all, meets a younger man who fits none of her standards but offers her love?
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kamau93 kamau93 Jun 02
oh my goodness girl, me too! here i am in my mid-twenties, feeling like i've got nothing figured out. so glad there's someone out there who shares that feeling xx
ZeenaBecks ZeenaBecks Jun 07
I'm going to say hello again. ^^ first story finally completed, now I have time to read again and I'll start right here 😉
Can I just say this is THE BEST introduction I've EVER read ❤
ZeenaBecks ZeenaBecks Jun 07
So Li Zian means Li is the last name and Zian is the first name?
Ni hao, Hello, ohayo, anyeonghaseyo, ciao, bonjour, sawadekaa, Dia duit and Hola!  (all the hello's I know!  Not sure if all the spellings are right though.  lol!)  They are - Chinese, English, Japanese, Korean, Italian, French, Thai (female version), Gaelic and Spanish.  :D
ZeenaBecks ZeenaBecks Jun 07
If you gave this speech during the election, I'd so vote for you as president ❤