Leftover Woman ✅(Wattys 2018 Shortlist)

Leftover Woman ✅(Wattys 2018 Shortlist)

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Meixia (美夏) By MeiSummer Completed

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(Highest rank: #66 in Chicklit, 18 November 2017)
     Yiwen Wang had the perfect life until she finds her fiance with his head buried in some woman's fake boobs. What's worse? The boobs belong to a co-worker five years her junior!
      Yiwen's checklist to success:
      ✓ An apartment in Shanghai's most expensive district
      ✓ A job most women would kill for
      ✕ A tall, rich, and handsome husband
      Zian Li has movie star looks... and nothing else.
      Zian's checklist to success:
      ✕ Earn lots of money
      ✕ Buy a nice house and car
      ✕ Marry and have kids
      In a society where the checklist to success is clearly defined, is there room for true love? What happens when a woman who almost has it all, meets a younger man who fits none of her standards but offers her love?
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Flower Awards 2018 First Place Winner, Chicklit Category
The Golden Awards 2018 1st Place Winner, Chicklit Category

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