All the Wrong Reasons

All the Wrong Reasons

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What Adrienne Miller's friends know about her: 

She is 26 years old. She is the second daughter who never did anything right. She is dating a guy for three years to make her mother happy.

What her friends DO NOT know about her: 

She lived next-door to the city's most wanted playboy. When she decided to go down her prudish facade, she ended up sharing a passionate night with him. She intended to keep her one-night-stand a secret from her family, her boyfriend and most especially from her friends, who all wanted a piece of him.

What she doesn't know:

The city's most notorious playboy was not going to make her forget him as easily she thought. And her one night stand will lead to many more nights of forbidden passion.

And as if things weren't already too complicated for their secret love, she found out that he was already arranged by his family to marry a rich heiress he has never even met.

dhowjshd dhowjshd Aug 03
But why is the story told in third person tho? It makes me feel unconnected to the characters.
lovelyzooey lovelyzooey Mar 11
Omyy...Please author put back the whole story of Ryder Van..Pretty please..
Wow. All y'all jumping to conclusions! It's probably a coincidence!
                              But....I doubt it.
4lexis 4lexis Sep 17
Mine is the opposite. "Be the type of person your parents want you to marry."
jahnavis20 jahnavis20 Mar 20
Having a good time doesn't mean doing what others do, reading a book is as good as having fun, I believe. But sometimes you gotta try everything else too and come out of your shell, I guess...
queenwhut queenwhut May 01
I'll always be loyal to ryder van woodsen, no matter what 😭