It Imagines

It Imagines

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Welcome to the Losers Club, asshole?

Richie Tozier?
"Do you need to be a virgin to see this fucking clown?"
Henry Bowers?
"I'll kill you, you little fucking pussy."
Beverly Marsh??
"It wants to divide us."
Bill Denbrough?
"If we stick together, all of us. We'll win.
Eddie Kaspbrak?
"It's a gazebo, mom! It's bullshit!"
Stanley Uris?
"When you're alone as a kid, the monsters see you as weaker."
Patrick Hockstetter?
"You liked it."
Mike Hanlon?
"My grandfather thinks this town is cursed, that all the bad things that happened in this town are because of one thing, an evil thing."
Ben Hanscom?
"Derry's not like any town I've ever been in before. People die or disappear six times the national average, and that's just grownups. Kids are worse. Way, way worse."

don't do names^^
i do smut (nothing terribly wild)
i'll do Bill Skarsgård and pennywise as well (intense smut allowed)
no ships ?

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FackWillSail FackWillSail 5 days ago
I can’t. I’m done. BLOOOOOODY HELLL. *in Thomas Brodie-Sangster’s voice.*
Queennslayy Queennslayy 7 days ago
I'm sitting in the kitchen eating cereal and giggling, I nearly choked on my cereal. My family be staring at me like wtf 😂😂
RandiCheney1 RandiCheney1 Oct 20, 2017
I would like an Eddie one when we go camping and we tell scary stories and Richie tells a scary one and I get scared and Eddie concerts me:):):):):) please