Naruto the 1st Otokage

Naruto the 1st Otokage

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Irfan Anaqy By IrfanAnaqy Updated Aug 01, 2016


Hey guys! I'm not very knowledgable in Naruto but I'll try my best. The characters may act differently in my story. Please comment and give advice to me. Thanks!

Summary: This story is somewhat the typical story of Naruto bringing back Sasuke and after that the villages got angry for hurting the last Uchiha and Naruto leaves the village. Only after that the story will start. Sasuke will become a good guy.

I would like to add that... Naruto is going to be very VERY overpowered in this story.

  • kage
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  • overpowered
  • romance
  • strong
FadingFireworks FadingFireworks Jun 28, 2017
I accidentally read "guy" as "gay" and I'm just here like wut?
kittyboo8 kittyboo8 Dec 12, 2017
Im cool with that. I like over powered Naruto :). I think he was too unappreciated and mistreated in the anime. HE DESERVES BETTER!!
Jaredcardona5 Jaredcardona5 May 23, 2016
Sasuke leave the village and go to orichimaru beacuse he want a power to kill itachi uchiha
MissMurderz MissMurderz Feb 18, 2016
Well in 'Smart/powerful Naruto' fanfics the amount of power isn't the important thing
datonegratsushipper datonegratsushipper Jun 12, 2016
The overpowered are always the best ones as long as they're not snobby (— ▪ — ;).  Yea
SilverScribe SilverScribe Feb 03, 2016
I keep thinking about why the villagers would think Sasuke  would come back unharmed. What did they think was going to happen? "Oh hey Sasuke! Come back and I will pay you with ramen!" Pfffft no!