Two-Headed Lamb 🐑

Two-Headed Lamb 🐑

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Cliff Jones Jr. By CliffJonesJr Updated Dec 17, 2017

What is real and what is illusion? When a single dream occupies two minds, does it become something more than a dream? If everything you experience in your waking life is nothing more than a shared hallucination, then which is more important: consensus reality or the honest-to-goodness real world?

In this mind-bending, heart-rending journey through parallel worlds, we follow Heath and Hazel Eddison, a pair of twins violently separated as children. Their only hope of reunion lies in discovering the nature of reality itself, moving beyond their respective veils of illusion and into the ineffable light of eternity.

Highest Ranking: #391 in Science Fiction (2017.10.17)

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MyCasandra MyCasandra Sep 14, 2017
I was excited to see you have posted another story! How long is this one expected to be?
CliffJonesJr CliffJonesJr Sep 14, 2017
This one is going to be a full-length novel, 20 chapters, maybe 60,000 words. I have the whole thing loosely planned and I'm in the middle of chapter 3. ⚡Excited!⚡