©Merlin's Chosen Book 6 Behind the Glass *Published Work*

©Merlin's Chosen Book 6 Behind the Glass *Published Work*

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Tori By VictoriaKaer Updated Sep 13, 2017

Meiying Lynch's focus is on college, finishing and becoming a lawyer. Nowhere in her plan is there room for anything besides her classes and job.

Certainly not a boyfriend and definitely not trouble.

After purchasing an antique mirror at a junk shop near campus it seems as if trouble is all she has. 
Threats from the shop owner's grandson. An attack that leaves her bruised, bloody, and dazed. 

Her only support is her best friend, Alastrina Ivers and Ali's fiancé, Nick Halden.  

Then there's her attraction to the shop's handyman, Bennett Calverley that makes her confused and wary. 

Is there something sinister lurking behind the glass of the mirror waiting to wake?