It All Started At Dunkirk

It All Started At Dunkirk

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Dominic By Arvernii Updated Aug 25, 2018

~* If you didn't see the movie Dunkirk, you can still enjoy this story as I'll explain everything as I go.  If you haven't seen the movie, and you want to, then don't read my story since it will contain some spoilers.  *~

The Battle of Dunkirk was perhaps the most devastating loss for Britain in the entire war and this story takes place were the movie ended.  Two weeks after the Battle of Dunkirk, France officially surrendered, leaving Britain all alone in the war against Nazi Germany.  

Prince Louis, nephew to King George the sixth, wrestles with the expectations of royalty and what's within his own heart.  Adding to this is the fact that he is in love with a common man, a soldier no less

Can love survive a world at war?