Imagine That(One Direction Imagines) *Requests welcome*

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Brooke Lynne By Imaginativemind Updated 2 years ago
I make One Direciton "imagines" which are just random things that you can imagine happen if you meet the boys and such... You can ask for one if you'd like, just need who you want it to be with and I'll dedicate that chapter to you(:
Hii my name is summer can you plzz make a sad imagine with nialler plzzz
Hey!! Could you maybe do an imagine for me pleasssseee!! My names gabby and I would love one where me and niall go for a romantic weekend. It would make my day if you could do me an imagine and I love all your other imagines you have made!! Thanks gab;)
Hey! Can you make one for me?
                                    My name is Oneda and I would like one where I am a waitress and I have had a bad day and then one of the boys complain and he just tries to make me feel better?
This is awesome :)) Anyways, if you have time, maybe...
                                    One for me with DJ Malik :))
                                    I'm Emma, btw
                                    Thank you, love!
Hey my name is Tierra, may you please make me one please.....can it be with Niall if not you can choose which ever you want
Hii beauty!!
                                    This one was awesome, really! and i couldnt stop smilling while reading it ♥
                                    Can you do one for me? if its okay? :)
                                    My name is Lilli and i want one with the lovely Nialler <3