bluebird {h.s. - au}

bluebird {h.s. - au}

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Beth. By purelyhxrry Completed

❝He was filled with both the best and worst things; bad and good, but that's what tempted me. To think that he could both fix my soul and, also, that his needed fixing.❞

in which she must make a choice for herself; whether to live or to exist.

☁ {set in 1850.} ☁

© purelyhxrry

c o m p l e t e d .

I read this like those narrators at the beginning of movies, where there are shots of the city and stuff like that. I'm so dramatic
Honestly this is beautiful & I can honestly picture this as an opener to an amazing movie
noxharry noxharry Jan 01
Woah, that's really good imagery!! I just said 'oh my god' out loud, just saying 🙆
AlyHemss AlyHemss Apr 06, 2015
This sounds so amazing, just everything you write is so beautifully worded! I cannot wait to start yet another one of your stories!
darlinglumiere darlinglumiere Jun 23, 2014
I love that this is set in the 1800's. It kind of reminds me of Gone with the Wind, so that's why I'm so in love! Love you as well sweetie :)
darlinglumiere darlinglumiere Jun 23, 2014
@longliveverything darling this sounds so amazing. I always love your short stories and the fact that it's about Harry just makes me fall in love even more. Okay, I'm going to read now ;)