Angelica in Doll Land - Book One - [ editing mode, not all chapters are here ]

Angelica in Doll Land - Book One - [ editing mode, not all chapters are here ]

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[2018: featured + was shortlisted for the Wattys]
- quite a few chapters are currently unavailable (uploading one by one as I edit)
- Real genre: Magical Realism
- Completed* 
- Don't forget to read the sequel Lost Little Doll, here on Wattpad

When Angelica's parents die in a mysterious car crash, she is sent to live with an estranged aunt in a town name Sweetwood, a village filled with Grimms' fairy tales and real magic that she doesn't believe in.

As Angelica settles into her new home, she becomes more aware of her family's past that made them marginalized by some of the villagers. Because of this, she starts fighting to prove herself amongst the strangers.

But then something sinister begins lurking within the shadows of the town and snatching the local kids without a trace. 

In order to save the missing kids, and better the Barnaby's name, Angelica must accept magic, as well as unravel the mystery around Sweetwood that she's somehow connected to once and for all.

*Author Notes*
Angelica in Doll Land is inspired by the operetta 'Babes in Toyland' by the late Victor Herbert. The story combines storybook characters in a Gothic style setting, offering a dark new twist on fairy tales/nursery rhymes and also filled with a diverse cast of characters. Enjoy.

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ashie-the-fangirl ashie-the-fangirl Jan 15, 2018
It's so creepy! I felt like I was watching a horror movie trailer! It's really good and makes me very excited for the book. Can't wait to start reading!
ShelleyBurbank ShelleyBurbank Jan 06, 2018
I liked the haunting music and the gray and white scheme. Overall a very eerie feeling from the trailer. I also admire your book cover!
KilluaAngel KilluaAngel Mar 05, 2018
I love the title of this book. I can’t stop thinking about it.
OlsonJS OlsonJS Nov 30, 2018
I love your book trailer. I also saw your other videos. They are all fantastic.
scottspierce scottspierce Nov 21, 2018
I loved the trailer! It makes me excited to read the book :)
bowrinj bowrinj Nov 30, 2018
@HearMeGrrowl Is this the book you were talking about voting on but disappearing from your reading list?